About us

Our Story

Cortaditos was founded by two Cuban American entrepreneurs, who came together under the pretexts of social impact and passion for their Cuban roots, literally. Adam, American born to Cuban parents, founded a nonprofit organization that supports Cuban American college students with scholarships and leadership development programs. Andres, who immigrated from Cuba at the age of 25, founded Sweets & Cortaditos, a local bakery cafe with his family. Andres would donate the appetizers, coffee, and desserts for Adam’s nonprofit scholarship Galas. And that is where the partnership formed, at the intersection of social good and Cuban culture. Here at Cortaditos, we deliver our rich Cuban culture as well as a deep commitment to social good, in every cafecito we serve. Y lo hacemos con Azúcar! (and we do it with Sugar!)

Our Heritage

Even if you’ve never been to Cuba, you’ve probably heard mention of café cubano. To us, coffee is more than just a drink; it is part of our national identity. And more importantly, it is a social experience, one that invokes human dialogue. You will never walk into someone’s home in Cuba and NOT be offered coffee. As a visitor, your only option is with or without sugar. Y cuidadito…you might offend somebody with your choice! In short, Cortaditos is our way of sharing the warmth, strength, and energy of our culture. ¡Prepárense!

Our Purpose

Cortaditos, with social good and Cuban culture in its DNA, is a curated Cuban cafe experience meant to inspire both deep thought and positive energy, to foster human dialogue and animate human progress. We want patrons to feel the weight of the icons that dawn our walls, Celia Cruz and José Martí , and to be inspired by their legacies: a thought and a smile, intelligence and happiness, politics and fiestas, la palabra y el azúcar, discurso y el canto, la lucha y el baile..

We invite you to Cortaditos. Te invitamos a un café.